Introducing Denise from The Pudding Parlour

Truly scrumptious! The pudding parlour, as its name suggests, is full of delectable indulgence. Such a wide range of cakes and desserts, it may be a struggle to know which one to choose (I only went in for one and came away with many – yummy!). Based in Yardley Hastings, all treats are handmade in their kitchen as are many of their savoury items. Not just for the sweet stuff, you can have a freshly filled baguettes, crisps, a drink….and, of course, some pieces of cake for less than £6.  Bespoke quality at supermarket prices.

Denise loves the village location as do her customers who come back again and again. It’s only 5 minutes from Olney so why not pop to the village for some sugar and spice and all things nice.