How to not let the festive period derail you completely!

We all know how fraught the Christmas period can be so here’s some tips to keep you on track and focussed and not feeling like a Christmas pudding!

Diet: keep the treats as treats, it’s ok to partake in a mince pie or Babysham or two, but devouring an entire Christmas cake and block of cheddar is just, well, greedy! There’s a plethora of healthy tasty treats around, so don’t make the clementines, nuts and sprouts feel left out!

Keep active, don’t put off until January what can be continued in December. Yes, parties, nativity plays and holidays may skew your routine but missing a couple of exercises classes or runs doesn't mean you have to give it all up until January. Every little bit counts!

Goal setting: set an exercise related target for the New Year which motivates you to keep moving and then tell everyone about it!

Hopefully these little tips will help make sure things don’t go (quite literally!) pear-shaped and you arrive at the New Year raring to go!

By Bethan Courtman

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